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The supreme / cosmic power – authority – natural authority on the earth or brahmand is the S. S. Swaminarayan. He was on this earth as human to guide the human for better life with humanity and coming out of human life cycle, say Moksha.While leaving this world as a human, he had given a promise that I am on this earth as a Divya Tejomay Murti around within one and every where and anywhere. It is his honorable words that “the leaf is not moving without my will and grass is not getting broken in to peaces without my desire”. He had also stated in public that he is the Avatar of all the 10 Avatar of the God, say Hari, Vishnu, Matshya, Varaha, Vamanjee, Narshimha, Parshuram, Budha Rama, Krishna. He is the greatest or having number 1 position in this Brahmand, and all the activities, disaster, development, creation, environment is at the disposal of Shri Swaminarayan. The word Swaminarayan and chanting there of is the lovable feature to be near to the God Swaminarayan. He constructed six temples in Gujarat, India. He is with us when you are with word Swaminarayan or at Vadtal Harikrishna Maharaj or with Shikshapatrijee otherwise anywhere and everywhere U make an effort to search. Whatever statement he had made for self and others are enumerated in the book Vachanamrut, will give an idea about the personality concerned as a Human and Divya Tejomay Murti in existent. If you are of him, you will not suffer from food, clothing, shelter, needs of living the life, and lastly the ride out from the living life cycle.

He is God – The Super power – Natural Super power – Cosmic Super power born on this earth and left the earth as human but remains anywhere and everywhere as Divya Tejomay Murti. He is also in existence in the Idol of Harikrishna Maharaj at Vadtal – Gujarat – India, and within every cell. He is also in existence in the Shikshapatrijee written by him at Vadtal – Gujarat – India. The follower of this Shikshapatrijee is leaving the earth for Aakshardham and never getting any birth in future. While living the life, the concern human is always getting help, relief, happiness, peace, wealth, name, and fame as per own Karma. It was declared by him that the best name among all is the “Swaminarayan”. It is advisable to go for chanting every moment with or without any activity during the life long or with every breath, and at the last moment of the breath. Vachanamrut is the best book for knowing the concern personality. Leelaamrut is the book for his role played by him on this earth during his stay as human with people.

He was born on this earth at India, UP, Nr. Ayodhya, Chhapaya 1837 Chaitra Sudi 9 at 10:10 pm. The family settled down at Ayodhya in 1839 Aasho Sudi 9. He left the family after the death of his parents for humanity kalian in 1849 Ashad Sudi 10 to Jungle for dhyana – concentration – tapa, he was accepted as main Gadipati in 1857 Kartik Sudi 11 at Jetpur, Gujarat by Udhav avatar Shri Ramanandswami, and Shri Swaminarayan, he left as human, the earth, say passed away to Aakshardham in 1886 Jeth Sudi 10.

His parents were very kind and honorable named Bhakti mata shree and Dharma deva pita shree having two more brothers named Rampratajee and Ichharamjee. He had written book at India, Gujarat, and Vadtal, considered to be his own existence, known as Shri Shikshapatrijee for the knowledge of people, for the adoption of specific path of the life, for the guide of the humanity to follow and walk to the path of Moksha. He had also constructed six temples in India, Gujarat, for the prayer and peace in the life of the people and followers. In one of the temple at India, Gujarat, Vadtal he established an Idol of Shri Harikrishna Maharaj declaring that after “my leaving of this earth as a Human Body my soul will remain in this Idol”, say Shri Harikrishna Maharaj. He had also declared that my permanent place of stay is “Aakshardham which is located in the centre of the Golok and there is no difference in myself as human, myself at Aakshardham – at Vadtal Idol of Shri Harikrishna Maharaj, and Shri Shikshapatrijee”.

The principal adopted by him and asked his follower to adopt during their life time are written in Shikshapatrijee are enumerated as under;

This is the path for getting Moksha from human – living life cycle and passing the existing last life with help, relief, happiness, peace, wealth, name, and fame as per own selfless better humanitarians Karma.
• Consider the Swaminarayan as supreme authority and feel that self is not the activator for any act but Swaminarayan is the activator for the act.
• The word Swaminarayan and chanting there of, is the super word for any solution and problem coming up in our life cycle.
• Be away from the feature of, ego, theft, female group, criticisms of any one, choosiness for any desire, self killing and killing desire for any living things, any liabilities, breach of trust to any one of self, garlic, onion, sex, non-vegetables items and product there of, religious blindness, items creates intoxication to the mind, uncultured activities, insulting to self and others, friends and relatives having the stated features, unnecessary discussions with others, have proper cultured dress, excess eating and slipping, etc.
• Be touchy and near to, the Swaminarayan Satsung, Shikshapatrijee, and Saint, word “Swaminarayan”, “Shrikrishna Sarnum mamaha”, worshiping of Shri Krishna, donation from your earnings 10 or 5 % or more as per your condition, regular prayer, read 10th and 5th Scandh of Shrimadbhagwata geeta, have sumbhav in all and one, anywhere and every where, adopt Divya Tejomay Murti in your heart – mind – body, feel – believe – accept – adopt – determined only and only Swaminarayan as an act or authority in all Karma.
• Accept the happenings in your life as for your goodness, no determination at your end, desire the goal or requirement and hand over the start and end to the Swaminarayan and work, never be depressing, negative, disappointed, dissatisfied, unhappy, displeased, discontented, restless, impatient, irritated, annoyed, angry, miserable, fed-up, down, sad, cheerless, gloomy with the failure.
• Be touchy to Swaminarayan, his family principals, practices, literature, human cells, east deva Shri Krishna, and in respect to all religious but consider the supremacy among all The Shri Swaminarayan.
• Be away from his opposite, critics, magicians, blindness in faith, and stick rigidly, firmly, confidently, boldly, and fearlessly to Shri Swaminarayan in any circumstances – situation – position – location, chanting the word “Swaminarayan”.

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